Warner Edwards Gin Curiosity Collection


Warner Edwards Gin Curiosity Collection




Warner Edwards Curiosity Collection makes the perfect gift. The set contains four 5cl bottles of Warner Edwards gin favourites: Warner Edwards Victoria's Rhubarb Gin 5cl 40% vol. - Bursting with natural flavour and colour, this pink gin is made using freshly pressed, deliciously refreshing rhubarb juice.  Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin 5cl 44% vol. - This complex and well-rounded English gin is brimming with flavour from 11 carefully selected botanicals. Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin 5cl 40% vol. - Infused with fresh, handpicked elder flower from our local hedgerows, this gin has a delicately sweet and floral flavour. Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 5cl 30% vol. - Harrington Dry Gin is steeped with handpicked sloe berries to deliver an intensely flavoursome, fruity liqueur that’s not too sweet.