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A miniature Gin Selection pack containing 1 x 5cl of each of the following Penrhos Gins.

Penrhos Dry Gin 70cl 40% ABV

Their firstborn, a true classic. Their own blueberries, cherry blossom and honey combining with subtle flavours of pink pepper, cardamom and rose petals from the garden to create an extremely smooth fresh and pure gin.

Penrhos Rhubarb Gin 70cl 40% ABV

The second born, and a match made in heaven (well Herefordshire actually). A gorgeous pink and tangy gin made with 250ml of pure Raspberry Red Rhubarb juice blended with their own Penrhos Dry to create a memorable gin.

Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin 70cl 40.5% ABV

Penrhos Apple and Elderflower is a delicious mix of the delicate notes of hedgerow elderflower and the crisp fruity edge of their own apples, creating a light refreshing gin.


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