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Absolut Citron Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Citron Vodka...
  • £16.23

Absolut Kurant Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Kurant Vodka...
  • £16.23

Absolut Pears Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Pear Vodka...
  • £16.23

Absolut Peppar Vodka

50cl bottle of Absolut Pepper Vodka...
  • £12.97

Absolut Raspberri Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Raspberry Vo...
  • £16.23

Absolut Swedish Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Swedish Vodk...
  • £15.23

Absolut Vanilla Vodka

70cl bottle of Absolut Vanilla Vodk...
  • £16.23

Belvedere Vodka

70cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka...
  • £30.78

Chase Marmalade Vodka

70cl bottle of Chase Marmalade Vodk...
  • £39.87

Chase Potato Vodka

70cl bottle of Chase Potato Vodka...
  • £29.24

Chase Rhubarb Vodka

70cl bottle of Chase Rhubarb Vodka...
  • £38.72

Crystal Head Vodka

70cl bottle of Crystal Head Vodka...
  • £37.97

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Unit 2b/ 2c Archers Way,
Battlefield Enterprise Park,
Shrewsbury, Shropshire,

Tel: 01743 467163
Email: sales@battlefieldbeers.co.uk
Registered Company no: 5810651

AWRS number: XPAW00000100011

Battlefield Beers is the leading independent alcohol & soft drinks supplier in Shrewsbury. We are a beer, wines, spirits, and soft drinks wholesaler, who can supply you with all your drinks requirements.

As well as being the leading wholesale drinks suppliers in Shrewsbury, we also stock essential cleaning products. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly and efficient service. Same day delivery by our vans is available within a 25 mile radius of our depot, orders going further afield will be delivered by a courier and will take a day or two to reach you. Our prices for drinks are very competitive and we are happy to try and source any product which we do not have readily available.