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We’re a leading cider and beer distributor in Shropshire. Our carefully curated selection of ciders and beers is perfect for events or enjoying at home. Whether you’re shopping for a pack of beer for the weekend or bulk ordering for a party, Battlefield Beers can help.

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Cider and Beer Shop Online

Almost everyone loves a glass of beer, especially on a hot summer’s day. And if they don’t, they probably love a cider. Both drinks come in a staggering number of flavours.

If you’re interested in ordering some cider, take a look here.

Wide Selection of Beers Available

Beer is a hugely varied category of drink. This can be a little daunting, but it also means you’re almost certain to find something you’ll enjoy drinking.

The differences between beers often comes down to the type of yeast used to ferment the beer, how it’s conditioned and how it’s served. Ales tend to feature top fermentation, whereas lagers have bottom fermentation.


Lager is one of the most popular beers around. Coming in pale, amber and dark varieties, the German name comes from how the beer was traditionally stored in cool caves to ferment.

It can get a little confusing when looking at what constitutes a lager – Germany has different definitions than here in the UK. Broadly speaking though, lagers are bottom and cool fermented.

Lagers themselves can be subdivided in many ways. Take a look at our full selection of lagers here.


Bitter is the term usually applied in the UK to pale ales, varying from a light gold to a dark amber colouration. Described as the “national drink of England”, it’s clearly a very popular beer, with history stretching back over 200 years.

Bitters can vary a lot in terms of appearance, flavour and strength – ranging from 3-7% in some cases.

Craft brewing is usually associated with bitters, which are traditionally conditioned in casks and served via a tap – hence the phrase “on tap”. Discover our range of bitters here.


Mild ales are typically dark coloured beers, originating in the UK centuries ago. Sometimes labelled as “dark” ales, mild ales are seeing something of a revival recently.

Generally, mild ales are based on a pale or mild malt, often with additions of other malts to add distinctive flavours. See our mild ale selection here.


Arguably one of the most famous beers in the world is a stout – Guinness. Typically a dark beer, stouts are characterised by a low bitterness, although flavours do very depending on where they’re brewed. They can often carry sweetness from unfermented sugars, making them a lighter drink than they appear. 

Stouts are top fermented and come in a wide variety, such as milk stout or imperial stout. Find our full stout selection here.

As a leading online beer distributor, we’re passionate about providing not only great quality beers, but also a wide variety of different beers to suit everyone.