Red wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coming in an amazing variety, from spicy to fruity, you’re sure to find something for any occasion.

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What is Red Wine?

Many people love drinking red wine, but how it’s made likely remains a mystery to most. As with all wine, it’s made from fermenting grapes. Red wine gets its colouring from the juice of dark-skinned grapes that ferment alongside the grape skins, providing tannin, flavour and colour.

Tannins are important as they give body to the red wine. They soften and mellow over time, which is why many red wines are aged before drinking.

The actual colour of red wine can vary quite significantly, depending on the grapes used and the age of the wine. You can find intense violet colours, which is typical of young wines, through deep red all the way to an almost brown colour for a more mature vintage.

When to Drink Red Wine?

Wine in general is one of the most flexible drinks, and red wine is no exception. Usually, red wine is paired with heavier meat dishes – the typically deep, mature flavours compliment the strong flavours of lamb, beef and venison.

However, red wines can go with a wide range of dishes – they can pair really well with oily fish, certain salads or can serve as a well-rounded nightcap.

Reds are perfect for any occasion, from a black tie event to a house party. Having a few bottles of red wine to hand will always be a popular decision.

Wholesale Red Wine Supplier

We provide a wide range of red wines to suit any event, function or meal. Whether you’re after a Merlot, a Shiraz, or looking for something from a certain country, our extensive range of red wine will have exactly what you’re looking.

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