Fortified wines are wines that have a distilled spirit added to them. This is usually brandy, but other varieties do exist. Well known examples of fortified wines include port and sherry.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party and need some thing special to round off the evening, or you just want a tipple after a long day at work, our fortified wine selection will be just what you need.

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How is Fortified Wine made?

Fortified wine is formed when a grape-based spirit, such as brandy or cognac, is added to a normal wine. This creates a new fusion of flavours along with a smooth, rich texture and, naturally, a higher alcohol content. The most popular forms of fortified wine are port, sherry and ginger wine. Other types also include Madeira wine, Marsala wine, and Vermouth.

Wine was traditionally fortified to give it a longer shelf-life and prevent it from turning sour. People then began to get a taste for the new flavour and it has grown to become a popular choice of alcoholic beverage.

Growing Popularity

Fortified wines have been very popular, such as port and sherry, and other types such as vermouth are increasing in popularity. A lot of people often don’t realise that their favourite tipple is actually part of a family of drinks.

Traditionally, fortified wine is enjoyed before or after dinner. It’s meant to stimulate appetite and help with digestion after a heavy meal. This explains why it’s so popular after Christmas dinner and banquets!

Find your Fortified Wine Today

People often discover their favourite tipple and don’t branch out into the diverse family of fortified wines. We stock many of the classics, like port, sherry and ginger wine. However, we encourage you to browse our full selection and maybe discover a new favourite.