White wines come in a wide range of colours, including straw-yellow, yellow-green and yellow-gold. With a staggering range of flavours, from creamy to zesty and fruity, it can be tricky picking just one bottle to try.

We have a wide selection available – whether you’re after a nice glass in the evening or something fancy for an event. As one of Shropshire’s leading independent white wine suppliers, we can provide bulk orders to businesses too.  

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What is White Wine?

Unlike red wine, white wine is made from fermented grapes with the skins removed. They can be made from grapes of any skin colour, as the non-coloured pulp is primary component of the alcoholic fermentation, but are usually made from white grapes.

White wine has existed for thousands of years, and with such a long history, there’s a proportionately vast number of different wines to choose from. They can be sweet or dry, depending on how long the fermentation process lasts, and some wines are enhanced by adding sugars, through a number of different methods.

When to have White Wine?

With so many varieties, flavours and aromas of white wine, it’s one of the most flexible drinks available.

Classically pairing well with fish dishes, poultry and salads due to their typically light and refreshing nature, there are white wines that also help balance red meat dishes and even desserts.

Equally, white wines are often used in cooking, due to their acidity and ability to soften meat.

Of course, like any wine, white wine can be enjoyed away from food – many make an excellent aperitif before eating, for example, or as something of a palate cleanser.

White Wine Supplier

We’re a leading independent wholesale white wine supplier in Shropshire, and our selection includes a wide variety to suit any event – whether it’s a wedding, a corporate celebration or simply a quiet night in.

Of course, with so much choice it can be hard to pick. Thankfully, our friendly team of experts are on hand to help. And with click-and-collect and local next-day delivery, it’s also really convenient. Shop with us today.