£91.80 £76.50

Our Party Pumps are available to hire out, offering the unique experience of pouring your own draught beer without the need for any complicated equipment or expensive gas cylinders. Each party pump uses the internal keg pressure, as well as the pressure from pumping, to dispense the beer. All you have to do is chill the keg - we can even pre-chill the beer for you if you let us know beforehand!


Whether you are in a field at a festival or your back garden for a BBQ, you can't go wrong with simple, great tasting beer straight from the keg!


Please note:

  • We only hire out Party Pumps within a 25 mile radius. If you would like to enquire about hiring and you are outside of this area, please give us a call on 01743 467 163.
  • All Party Pumps being hired out must be purchased with a keg.
  • Comes with a large tub for ice to help keep the keg cool.


£50 refundable deposit is included in the price


Kegs for G Type Party Pumps:

  • Carling
  • Worthington's
  • Becks Vier
  • Thatchers
  • Olde English
  • Coors Light
  • Budweiser
  • Blue Moon
  • Magners & Dark Fruit